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Dog Training and Pet Nutrition Consulting for dedicated pet guardians in Southern Oregon and around the world!

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Going Beyond the Cues to Find the 'Why'

Training is more than just "sit", "stay", and "down".

We help you understand the "why" behind your dog's behavior to better address the cause of undesired behaviors and readjust their environment to encourage desired behaviors.

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Our Programs

Choose the option best for you: 

Training and Support for Puppy Parents

Foundational skills you can use everyday

Impress your friends and build confidence with trick training

Customized training plans catered to your needs

Get quality training from anywhere in the world

Your nutrition questions answered by a pet nutritionist

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Our Programs

Humane Training

Essential to a well-adjusted, happy, and confident dog

In an unregulated industry such as dog training, it is important to know the facts regarding methodology and how tools and technique affect your dog's mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Both the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association have released statements addressing the benefits of humane training methods, and the unintentional fallout of more "traditional methods.

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